Condominiums are designed to provide multi-family housing and are good solutions
for many homebuyers.

Indicators for a Strong Market in Multi-Family Housing Units

  • Single and non-traditional households represent the majority of housing
  • consumers.
  • Single women make up nearly a quarter of the homebuyer market and they
  • prefer Multi-family Housing.
  • Condos are also gaining interest among first time home buyers, empty nesters and retirees
  • Condos are great second homes
  • And usually they are owner occupied instead of renterss

If condos are such a good investment – why are there so may for sale?
The supply outweighs the demands. When a single home is offered, that is one
home on the market but when a developer sells a project, it is usually 500 plus
homes to the market. An oversupply doesn’t always mean the product is deficient.
When affordable housing is available, why would you pass it up?