In many American homes, the change of seasons is a signal for storing away some stuff and pulling out other supplies. Whether it’s yard tools or summer clothes, we all have items we put into storage for awhile, and pull out those things we need for another season, like holiday decorations. If you’re selling your home, you should try to store away extra items to make your home appear more spacious.

“A” is for Assessment
What do you have and where can you put it? Take a look at all your stuff and then take a look at where you can tuck it away in your home. Walk through the home with a pad and pen and dedicate an hour of your time to finish this first step.

“B” is for Banish and Box
While this may sound easy, it’s where the hard decisions get made. Box up what you’re going to keep and banish what needs to be thrown out, held for a yard sale or given to charity.

“C” is for Control
These two steps keep your storage areas neat and organized. They should also become a routine part of your storage plan. Maintaining your storage areas with smaller containers (such as see-through boxes, file folders or portable hanging racks) will keep items orderly and easily identifiable. Cardboard or plastic boxes with removable lids are your best bet for corralling stuff. The boxes are easy to handle and uniform in size.

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