Here are some tips on how to stay cool this summer and lower your energy bills by being energy-efficient…

  • Unplug that charger
    Once you power up your mobile, iPod,PSP etc… unplug its greedy little charger and save an average of 7kg of CO2 a year!
  • Turn your heating down
    Just by –1º save an average of 400kg of CO2 a year!
  • Boil only what you need
    Need a cup… boil a cup and no more. Save an average of 45kg of CO2 a year.
  • Take a stand against “standby”
    A TV left on standby still burns vast quantities of energy. Turn if off and save an average of 150kg of CO2 a year!
  • Turn out the lights
    If you don’t need it… turn if off and save an average of 100kd of CO2 a year!
  • Take a low power shower
    Showers use nearly half the water of baths and cost a lot less to heat. Save an average of 290kg of CO2 a year!
  • Stuff the freezer
    Freezers work best when tightly pack with food because they don’t have to work so hard to freeze the air space. Saves a bundle of CO2 a year!
  • Buy better bulbs
    Low energy bulbs give off the same amount of light but run on a third of the power. Save an average of 200kg per year!
  • Lower your laundry temp
    Washing your clothes on cold works just as well and saves an average of 90kg of CO2 a year!
  • Buy local food
    Food that doesn’t have to be flown in from around the world is just as tasty. Save an average of 4 tons of CO2 a year!

*Savings based on an average family per year.