A Veteran’s Day Thank You

By Tom Tognoli
COO & Founder
Intero Real Estate Services, Inc

Today I would simply like to thank all of our Veterans for their service to our county.  Thank you for placing yourself between us and danger …Thank you for braving the unspeakable horrors of war…Thank you for sacrificing time with your families and missing those significant milestones the rest of us take for granted…Thank you for serving as a heroic example of who we are and what we can dream to be.  Without you, your commitment, and your sacrifice, we know the lives we live today would not be possible.

To the rest of us normal folks…when you are out and about today, be sure and thank every veteran you meet/see…give them a handshake or a hug…buy them a cup of coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner.  If you are driving down the road and you see that military sticker on their car or that frame around their license plate honk and give them a thumbs up.  Let them know how much we appreciate their sacrifices.